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  HD Security Tools 1.4b - Unlocking software for hard disk drives
    The latest version HD Security Tools 1.4b is available. The software is suitable for any HDD brand/model (2.5”, 3.5”) used in IBM, DELL, SONY or other manufactured laptop/desktop PCs.
Supported OS : Windows XP
HD Security Tools 1.4b

Price (in USD): $50
Net Weight (g.): 0

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  Laptop BIOS Tool
   This Software is designed for password unlocking on major notebooks and PCs. In case if your password for entering your notebook or PC is forgotten or lost, now you don't have to address an expensive service center and deconstruct your computer.

The package includes : software product + USB key.
Supported  OS : Windows XP, Windows 7.
Laptop BIOS Tool

Price (in USD): $50
Net Weight (g.): 100

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  PadFinder BOX
We take our pleasure to present you new unique "PadFinder" - the universal device, which automatically finds pinout for your cell phone. This device contains a number of unique functions and will allow you to work with a huge range of cell phones. Padfinder was deliberately elaborated to facilitate our clients' efforts in finding the necessary cable and save their precious time. Dealing with the "chinese" phones ( VEPTU, NCKLA, NOKLA, ScnyEricsom etc.) - the widespread imitations of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, SonyEriccson the majority of people admit that they spend most time for finding the pinout and then for soldering the needed cable. And even if you have the multitude of ready-to-work cables - it is still inconvenient to search for the appropriate one as for the time being there are more than 700 different cables and you will loose a lot of time to find the correct! This problem is espacially burning when you talk about the chinese phones, which nowadays have flooded the cell phones markets in all countries. And let us pay your attention that their quality and functionality are constantly increasing thereby making those phones more and more popular with people. For these reasons we have decided to meet our clients' needs and developed absolutely unique device, which will assist you in search of the needed cables. One of the peculiarities of PadFinder lays in its support not only for chinese phones, but for many others as well! This will allow you to embrace a wide range of phones and correspondingly have an effect on the pace and quality of rendered services to your clients.

Price (in USD): $175
Net Weight (g.): 1500

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  Multi-BOX LITE
We are glad to present NEW Multi-box LITE - the universal GSM service device with a lot of unique functions which allow you to work with huge range of mobile phones. Multi-box LITE consists of the most necessary components to ensure your constant success on mobile phone professional service market. This small box is a smart compromise between the price and the requirements of our clients. It supports more then 40 brands (!) and includes ALL the necessary programs to form the most suitable and convenient software range that would perfectly match your business. We have also developed two paid Activation Packs in order to exactly meet your special demands and satisfy maximally your needs.

Besides, the hardware part of Multi-box LITE was perfected and now our box works faster and even more reliable. We are permanently working on covering the latest models and brends in order to meet modern market demands. With the regular updates and free addons you will get vital advantages over your competitors and exceptional always up-to-date software and hardware set.

Price (in USD): $180
Net Weight (g.): 1500

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Mk-6227 driver for usb q 6 6 2 0 15 2|0
driver for nokia 6110 for es620
sony ericsson ´t200
e616 transfer tool
unlocking codes siemens a50
samsung e300 modem driver
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